Singing Projects

Miles and Gary have many years of experience organising and leading large-scale singing projects with groups of schools - this started with the Ouseburn Learning Trust. They organised, conducted and accompanied 12 annual concerts at the City Hall for this group of schools, where they were both headteachers. Concerts were also organised for other groups of schools. They have developed an effective model which is centred on children enjoying a high-quality singing experience. 

The final concert would involve each school singing one or two songs on their own and a combined repertoire of about seven songs. Themes have included Peace, Work, Protest and the Sea. But there have also been more generic themes of just enjoying singing.

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,An outline project would include:

  • A staff session for those involved with teaching the joint songs back in their own schools. 
  • Optional support during the rehearsal phase with individual song choices and preparing the joint songs.
  • Concert Day_
    • An efficient rehearsal for each school to practise their individual pieces
    • A combined rehearsal of the joint pieces
    • A fabulous and memorable concert 

Watch a short film about the importance of singing in schools that Miles made when he was a Headteacher.

The Concordia Project led by Miles

A recent project with the Laidlaw Schools Trust