Following the success of the 2024 conference (read some of the feedback below) Miles & Gary will be leading the 2025 Palladio Sanctuary Conference with.a couple of guest speakers – to be confirmed. The one day conference will take place in the beautiful Great Hall of this boutique hotel - a wonderful environment to step back from the daily stresses of leadership and recharge, reflect and relax. Discounts are available for existing Palladio clients and additional members of staff from the same school/organisation. Book now for an early bird discount. Special Schools NorthEast Summit Price £150 - Book Today

  • Date:07/02/2025 09:00 AM - 07/02/2025 04:00 PM
  • Location Jesmond Dene House Hotel Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2EY, UK (Map)
  • More Info:Jesmond Dene Road Newcastle NE2 2EY


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Feedback from the 2024 Conference

For a start it was a lovely venue to come and spend the day with colleagues and that in itself was great for well-being - to have a date in the diary and a valid 'excuse' to be out of school for something that will benefit me / my deputy and further down the line the rest of the staff is great. Another one next year please!

The day was well planned and well paced. It was great to collaborate with colleagues.

There were some useful tips on keeping things in perspective, not becoming too overwhelmed and focusing on positives.

I enjoyed the day -  it was great to get out of school and share experiences with peers.  It is also useful to see that what is happening in our school is happening in most other schools across the city- sharing experiences and ideas moving forward.  It was also good to reflect on my own happiness and well being being able to have time to discuss this and also decide on a plan of action moving forwards to ensure that I have strategies to deal with stressful situations and the pressures of the job.

I really enjoyed the time to reflect on my personal well being and my confidence in myself as a leader.  It was done in a very non-threatening environment where I felt I could be honest with myself about how I was feeling at the time.  I was a bit sceptical about the activity of the circle of self-reflection but I honestly found it incredibly cathartic and it really helped to clarify where my thoughts were at that time and I definitely feel I would use this strategy again.  I felt very privileged to have that day, with colleagues, in a beautiful setting.

The conference was very well planned and in a lovely venue (which really makes a difference). I found the initial session very informative when looking at my wheel of consciousness etc. I’ll be using this in future to map progress / changes. I thought Bruce was equally as interesting and engaging. I liked the fact is it was a day without any IT! So refreshing to be able to connect and talk rather than be PowerPointed! Being a musician I especially loved the singing I felt so good after the singing part and it’s actually inspired me to find a choir to join!

A great day - fun, engaging, thought provoking, well deserved time away from school - thank you both.

It was a joy to be part of this day, very much needed and appreciated.  It was a good balance of activities that helped us to self reflect, to understand what being 'happy' means but also to learn about the science behind it.  I loved that there were times for us to be mindful and happy too.  Thank you so much.

Really appreciated the humour and positive approach of Miles and Gary. Good balance to the day. Useful to have the pre-course survey to see how all Heads are struggling with/fighting similar issues.

I thought the whole thing was thoroughly wonderful. There was lots of practical tips that I was able to take away with me and that I will definitely use. Of course, there was a good amount of shared laughter along the way. Thank you

Your combined energy, experience and honesty is reassuring and it sets a tone of trust that lets leaders connect, reflect and have their stresses validated in a constructive way. It's easy to feel isolated, a shared enemy quickly feels manageable. Its great that it doesn't become a down beat moaning session rather a teambuilding  we can do this vibe

Loved the consciousness self-reflection sheet at the start as this helped to empty the worries, it allowed me to settle, focus and enjoy the conference. Loved the singing as I always feel a sense of comradeship and togetherness. Found it enlightening and interesting to sit with 'new' people. The anecdotes and stories /experiences from your own 'life' journey are cleverly weaved into your delivery. The level of preparation and fine detail enables the day for us as attendees to flow with ease.

Loved the fact no powerpoints in sight, plenty of time to talk/share experience/ work with others

Thankyou, you are the perfect double act for this work. I still think about  Gary's car door story from the previous course every time I get THE QUEUE. It's the shared understanding you bring and this was what made the day work. I hope the clarinet has been taken out of the case at least! Thankyou!

I don't think you both realise how outstanding you are at conferences, be it Palladio Sanctuary, the LA wellbeing or this one. Thank you.